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The SQL/MED ("Management of External Data") extension to the SQL standard is defined by ISO/IEC 9075-9:2008 (originally defined for SQL:2003). SQL/MED provides extensions to SQL that define foreign-data wrappers and datalink types to allow SQL to manage external data. External data is data that is accessible to, but not managed by, an SQL-based DBMS. This standard can be used in the development of federated database systems.


  • PostgreSQL has support for some SQL/MED since version 9.1.[1][2]
  • LucidDB has support for SQL/MED.[3]
  • MariaDB has support for SQL/MED with the CONNECT storage engine.[4] The implementation uses different syntax than the official standard.
  • Farrago has support for SQL/MED.[5]
  • IBM DB2 has support for SQL/MED.[6]
  • Teiid has support for SQL/MED. [7]

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