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All web applications, both traditional and Web 2.0, are operated by software running somewhere. This is a list of free software which can be used to run alternative web applications. Also listed are similar proprietary web applications that users may be familiar with. Most of this software is server-side software, often running on a web server.

Application Service License Requirements Similar proprietary web application(s)
Collabora Online Online office suite MPLv2.0 Google Docs, Microsoft 365
Gallery Photo sharing GNU GPLv3 MySQL flickr, Picasa
Piwigo Photo sharing GNU GPL MySQL + PHP flickr, Picasa
OpenBroadcaster Video streaming GNU AGPLv3+ MySQL YouTube
Plumi Video streaming GNU GPL | ZPL YouTube
PeerTube Video streaming GNU AGPLv3+ YouTube Music streaming GNU AGPLv3+ PostgreSQL or MySQL
CiteSeerX Bibliographic database Apache MySQL or PostgreSQL SpringerLink
OpenStreetMap Mapping ODbL MySQL or PostgreSQL Google Maps
ownCloud File sharing/sync, web calendar, online office suite etc. GNU AGPLv3 Dropbox,
Nextcloud File sharing/sync, web calendar, online office suite etc. GNU AGPLv3+ Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft 365, box
Seafile File sharing/sync, web calendar, online office suite etc. GNU GPLv2 Dropbox,
Tahoe Least-Authority File Store File sharing GNU GPLv2+ Dropbox,
iFolder File sharing GNU GPLv2+ Dropbox,
AbiCollab Online file editing GNU GPLv2 MySQL or PostgreSQL Google Docs
Etherpad Online file editing Apache MySQL or PostgreSQL Google Docs
Eucalyptus (computing) Virtual machine provisioning GNU GPLv3 Amazon EC2
Globus Toolkit Virtual machine provisioning Various[1] MySQL or PostgreSQL Amazon EC2
OpenNebula Virtual machine provisioning Apache SQLite3 Amazon EC2
DokuWiki Wiki GNU GPLv2 Wikispaces
MediaWiki Wiki GNU GPLv2+ MySQL or PostgreSQL Wikispaces
TiddlyWiki Wiki BSD license Web browser Evernote, Microsoft OneNote
Open Journal Systems Publication management GNU GPLv2 MySQL or PostgreSQL
WordPress Blogging GNU GPLv2 MySQL
LiveJournal Blogging GNU GPLv2+
Ghost Blogging MIT License JavaScript, node.js
GNU Social Distributed social network GNU AGPLv3 MySQL or PostgreSQL Twitter
Mastodon Distributed social network GNU AGPLv3 PostgreSQL Twitter
AppScale Virtual web hosting BSD Google AppEngine
PHPGroupware Online office suite GNU GPLv2 Google Docs
eGroupware Online office suite GNU GPLv2 Google Docs
Feng Office Online office suite GNU AGPL Google Docs
Roundcube Web mail GPLv3+ with exceptions for skins and plugins Gmail, Hotmail
IMP Web mail GPLv2 IMAP server Gmail, Hotmail
Squirrelmail Web mail GNU GPLv2 Gmail, Hotmail
Mailman Mailing lists GNU GPL Google Groups, Yahoo Groups
FluxBB Forum GNU GPLv2
phpBB Forum GNU GPLv2
Phorum Forum Phorum 2.0
Vanilla Forum GNU GPLv2
Discourse Forum GNU GPLv2+
EasyChair Submission management system
LimeSurvey Internet survey GNU GPLv2 SurveyMonkey, Google Form creator
Cheetah News RSS reader GNU GPLv3 Google Reader
Tiny Tiny RSS RSS reader GNU GPLv3 Google Reader Social aggregation Apache FriendFeed
Meneame Social news GNU AGPLv3 Digg
Mixx Social news Digg
Friendica Distributed social network MIT Facebook
Diaspora Distributed social network GNU AGPL Facebook
BuddyPress Distributed social network GNU GPL WordPress Facebook
Elgg Distributed social network GNU GPLv2 / MIT Facebook
Scuttle Social bookmarking Delicious
Connotea (discontinued) Social bookmarking Delicious
Ma.gnolia 2 (discontinued) Social bookmarking Delicious
Apertium Translation GNU GPLv2 Google Translate
EyeOS (version 2.5 and earlier) Homepage GNU AGPLv3 iGoogle
OpenCroquet Virtual world MIT SecondLife
OpenSimulator Virtual world BSD SecondLife
bitwarden Password manager GNU GPLv3, AGPLv3 node.js Dashlane, LastPass
Mattermost Web chat MIT, AGPLv3, Apache License 2.0 Slack
Element Web chat Apache License 2.0 Slack

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