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2.19[1] / September 29, 2014; 6 years ago (2014-09-29)
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Embedded GLIBC (EGLIBC) is a discontinued variant of the GNU C Library (glibc), optimised for use in embedded devices, while still attempting to remain source- and binary-compatible with the standard glibc. The authors claim that EGLIBC was not intended to be a fork of glibc, but rather a variant, accepting patches that the core glibc developers may reject.[2]

On 6 May 2009, it was announced that Debian would move from the GNU C Library to EGLIBC, citing problems with the development process of glibc.[3] Debian and several of its derivatives shipped EGLIBC instead of glibc in Debian 6 (Squeeze) and Debian 7 (Wheezy). EGLIBC is free software licensed under the GNU LGPL. The EmbToolkit build system can provide an EGLIBC toolchain for embedded Linux, but is not part of the EGLIBC project.

Since the beginning of 2014, the official homepage states that EGLIBC is no longer being developed, since its "goals are now being addressed directly in GLIBC", and Debian has switched back to glibc[4] for the Debian 8.0 (Jessie) release.

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