Comparison of object–relational database management systems

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This is a comparison of object–relational database management systems (ORDBMSs). Each system has at least some features of an object–relational database; they vary widely in their completeness and the approaches taken.

The following tables compare general and technical information; please see the individual products' articles for further information. Unless otherwise specified in footnotes, comparisons are based on the stable versions without any add-ons, extensions or external programs.

Basic data

Name Vendor License OS Notes
Adaptive Server Enterprise SAP Proprietary Cross-platform
CUBRID NHN Corporation GPL/BSD Linux, Windows
Db2 IBM Proprietary Cross-platform
Greenplum Database Greenplum division of EMC Corporation Proprietary ? Uses PostgreSQL codebase
Informix IBM Proprietary Cross-platform
Caché InterSystems Proprietary Cross-platform
Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Corporation Proprietary Windows, Linux Supports data objects in .NET languages
Oracle Database Oracle Corporation Proprietary Linux, Windows, Unix
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Global Development Group PostgreSQL License Cross-platform
OpenEdge Advanced Business Language (formerly Progress 4GL) Progress Software Corporation Proprietary Cross-platform
Virtuoso Universal Server OpenLink Software GPLv2 or proprietary Cross-platform
VMDS (Version Managed Data Store) GE Energy, a division of General Electric Proprietary ? GIS for public utilities; can be stored inside Oracle Database
WakandaDB 4th Dimension AGPLv3 or proprietary Windows, Linux, macOS Based on REST and server-side JavaScript
XDB Enterprise Server Micro Focus Proprietary DOS, Windows NT, OS/2
Zope Object Database Zope Corporation Zope Public License Cross-platform For Python, also included in Zope web application server

Object features

Information about what fundamental ORDBMSes features are implemented natively.

Type Method Type inheritance Table inheritance
CUBRID Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oracle Yes Yes[Note 1] Yes Yes
OpenLink Virtuoso Yes Yes Yes Yes
PostgreSQL Yes Yes Yes Yes
Informix Yes Yes Yes Yes
WakandaDB Yes Yes Yes Yes

Data types

Information about what data types are implemented natively.

Array List Set Multiset Object reference
CUBRID Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oracle Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
OpenLink Virtuoso Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PostgreSQL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Informix No Yes Yes Yes Yes


  1. ^ No private methods, no way to call super method from a child.

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