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Developer(s)Ultimate++ team[1]
Initial release2004; 17 years ago (2004)
Stable release
2020.2 (rev. 15260) / 21 October 2020; 7 months ago (2020-10-21)[2]
Repository Edit this at Wikidata
Written inC++
Operating systemUnix/Linux/FreeBSD (X11), Windows, Windows CE, macOS
TypeApplication framework
LicenseBSD license

Ultimate++,[3][4][5] also known as U++ and Upp - is a C++ rapid application development framework which aims to reduce the code complexity of typical desktop applications by extensively exploiting C++ features. Programs created with it can work on multiple operating systems and hardware architectures without the need to write platform specific code.

It possesses its own integrated development environment called TheIDE[6] that are designed to handle all library features.


The major Ultimate++ features are:

  • Supports Unix/Linux/FreeBSD (X11), Microsoft Windows and macOS.
  • Includes an IDE and a GUI designer.
  • Uses heavily RAII and auto pointers-like mechanisms to avoid manual memory management and even to limit the use of pointers in the code [7]
  • Can emulate[8] native widgets look and feel. On X11 systems, Ultimate++ supports GTK+ widgets look and feel.
  • Standard distribution comes with Ultimate++ sources included, even the IDE ones.
  • Uses NTL as template system instead of STL.

Hello World

The following example creates a C++ application with "Hello world!" button:

#include <CtrlLib/CtrlLib.h>

using namespace Upp;

class MyApp : public TopWindow 
        Title("Hello world");
        button.SetLabel("Hello world!");
        button << [=] {
            if (PromptYesNo("Button was clicked. Do you want to quit?"))
        Add(button.HSizePos(100, 100).VSizePos(100, 100));
    Button button;


Software built on Ultimate++

Example applications using Ultimate++ are:

  • Openwind[9] - an open-source wind farm design software
  • UppCAD[10] - a multipurpose CAD system[11]

See also

  • Widget toolkit
  • List of widget toolkits
  • Qt (toolkit) - toolkit used by KDE applications
  • GTK+ - the GIMP toolkit, a widget toolkit used by GNOME applications
  • FLTK - a light, cross platform, non-native widget toolkit
  • FOX toolkit - a fast, open source, cross-platform widget toolkit
  • wxWidgets - a widget toolkit and tools library for creating graphical user interfaces


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