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PHP-Fusion Logo
Developer(s)PHP-Fusion Inc
Initial releaseApril 12, 2003; 18 years ago (2003-04-12)[citation needed]
Stable release
9.03.90[1] / 2020-12-04[±]
Written inPHP
Operating systemUnix-like, Windows, Linux
Available in19 [2] languages
TypeBlog software, Content Management System, Content Management Framework, user management software,[citation needed]social networking software[citation needed]
LicenseAGPL v3[3]

PHP-Fusion is a free and open-source web framework based on PHP and MySQL that has an integrated content management system (CMS) among many other[which?] features.

To function, PHP-Fusion has to be installed on a web server, this can be either locally hosted or remotely hosted.

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