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ParadigmImperative, procedural, concurrent
Designed byFred Barnes, Peter Welch
Developersoccam for all, University of Kent
PlatformIA-32, Arduino
Influenced by

In computer science, occam-π (or occam-pi) is the name of a variant of the programming language occam developed by the Kent Retargetable occam Compiler (KRoC) team at the University of Kent.[1] The name reflects the introduction of elements of π-calculus (pi-calculus) into occam, especially concepts involving mobile agents (processes) and data. The language contains several extensions to occam 2.1, including:

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  1. ^ Barnes, Fred; Welch, Peter (2006-01-14). "occam-pi: blending the best of CSP and the pi-calculus". Retrieved 2006-11-24.

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