Mystic BBS

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Mystic BBS
Original author(s)James Coyle
Stable release
1.11 / November 6, 2015 (2015-11-06)
Preview release
1.12 Alpha 46 / August 26, 2020 (2020-08-26)
Written inFreePascal
Operating systemDOS, Windows, OS/2, OS X, Linux
PlatformIA_32, x86-64, ARM
LicenseProprietary freeware

Mystic BBS is a bulletin board system software program that began in 1995 and was first released to the public in December 1997 under the MS-DOS platform. It has since been ported to Microsoft Windows, OS/2, OS X, and Linux (Intel and ARM based systems such as the Raspberry Pi). Mystic was designed to be a spiritual successor to the Renegade (BBS) and Telegard bulletin board systems.

Some of the more notable capabilities of Mystic BBS include:

  • Integrated Telnet, SSH, RLogin, FTP, BinkP, HTTP, NNTP, POP3, SMTP servers with IPv4 + IPv6 support
  • Full 5D compliant BSO mailer and tosser, including BINKP and FTP mailer
  • Built in AreaFix and FileFix functionality and full fileecho support
  • Integrated QWK and QWKE networking via FTP
  • Integrated text and ANSI editors, message editing with on-the-fly spell checking and word suggestions
  • Proprietary scripting language called Mystic Programming Language (MPL)
  • Embedded PYTHON 2.x and 3.x programming languages
  • DOS CP437 and UTF8 character translations, terminal sizes up to 160x60
  • Dynamic menus including menu editor, and fully customizable prompts
  • Multiple user-selectable themes
  • DOOR32 support in addition to various DOS-type door formats
  • A fully featured ACS (access control system) and MCI display codes
  • Modern security features such as 512-bit PBKDF2 password storage and AES-256 encrypted netmail
  • Highly integrated with ANSI graphics including full screen editor, lightbar menus, lightbar file listings and message reading
  • Advanced, feature-rich JAM message base system with QWK/QWKE offline mail
  • Multiple platform distributions available including Windows, OS X, Linux and ARM Linux (Raspberry Pi, ODROID, etc.)

A more complete list of capabilities can be found at

Attracted to the flexibility and potential that the scripting language provides, a number groups, such as ACiDic BBS modding, Cyberia, Demonic, DoRE, Vanguard, wOE!mODDING and Wicked formed for the sole purpose of writing BBS mods for SysOps who run Mystic.

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Software & Configuration

Bulletin Board Systems

Here's a small selection of BBS that currently use Mystic software (alphabetical by BBS name):

  • Agency BBS (New Zealand BBS, run by Avon since '13)
  • Another F-ing BBS ( , Run by Gary Crunk since January '17)
  • Arcadia BBS (Arcadia BBS, run by Nazferiti - Features Games, Files, and Gated Usenet)
  • BlackICE BBS (German BBS, since '13)
  • Central Ontario Remote BBS
  • Clutch BBS (Originally launched in `95 - home of the Acidic Paging Module)
  • Cyberia BBS telnet to
  • Datanet BBS Melbourne, Australia SysOp: rEApZ
  • Distortion BBS
  • Error 1202 BBS (Located in Perrysburg Ohio ran by Solaris since '19)
  • Error 404 BBS (Located in Perrysburg Ohio ran by Solaris since '14)
  • flupH BBS Survnet *Survival & Self reliance Hq* Blocktronic member board
  • Leisure Time BBS (Located in New Baden, IL, USA)
  • Necronomicon BBS (Originally started on Amiga CNet. Run by Necromaster. Home of RetroNet)
  • Never Never Land BBS (419 area code oldest bbs since '89)
  • Piranha BBS (<ACiD> board run by caphood, since '95)
  • Sinner's Haven II (Originally Created in '89 telegard, '92 OBV/2, recreated in '13 under Mystic)
  • The Vortex BBS 864s longest running BBS created in 1996.
  • THE VOiD BBS (Located in Troy, Ohio ran by Terra-X)
  • Lunatic Fringe (Located in Vancouver, WA)
  • The Zone BBS (Located in Lorain, Ohio)
  • The ByteXchange BBS - Texas - Home of Cyber-Net Network and running since 1992!
  • SLiME CiTY BBS - Sweden - Dedicated to retro computing and computer security! Running since 2013

To connect to these systems, a Telnet client designed to access BBS systems such as NetRunner is recommended.

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