List of formerly open-source software

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This is a list of notable software packages which were published as free and open-source software, or into the public domain, but were proprietized, such that later versions were only released under a proprietary software license.

List of formerly open-source software
Title Original release Relicensed release Initial free license Notes
Boot to Gecko/Firefox OS, proprietized as KaiOS 2013 2017 MPL Still uses GPL Linux kernel, but otherwise proprietary
FBReader 2013 2015 GPL Apparently the number of devs was limited, and they all agreed to relicense it.
Tux Racer 2000 2002 GPL Forked into Extreme Tux Racer (formerly PlanetPenguin Racer)
Nexuiz 2005 2012 GPL As Nexuiz (2012 video game). Original forked into Xonotic

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