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EXEC 2 is an interpreted, command procedure control, computer scripting language used by the EXEC 2 Processor supplied with the IBM Virtual Machine/System Product (VM/SP) operating system.[1]

EXEC 2 is similar to CMS EXEC with the following enhancements:[2]

  • There is no 8-byte restriction on token length.[3]
  • Statements can be up to 255 characters long.
  • EXEC 2 can issue commands to subcommand environments as well as CMS and CP.
  • EXEC 2 has additional built-in functions.
  • EXEC 2 commands may include subroutines and functions.
  • EXEC 2 has extra debugging facilities.
  • CMS programs can manipulate EXEC 2 variables.

XEDIT Macros

XEDIT Macros are files with filetype XEDIT, whose contents are written using the syntax of CMS EXEC, EXEC 2 or REXX.[4] Like regular EXEC 2 "EXEC" command files, they begin with a "&TRACE" statement,[4] to distinguish them from CMS EXEC files.


Written in the 1970s,[5] EXEC 2 was preceded by CMS EXEC and superseded by REXX.

All three command interpreters—CMS EXEC, EXEC 2 and REXX — continue to be supported by the IBM CMS product.


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