Easy Programming Language

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Easy Programming Language
ParadigmMulti-paradigm: compiled, imperative, procedural, object-oriented, functional
Designed byThe Easy Programming Language Company
First appeared2004
Stable release
5.81 / October 9, 2018; 2 years ago (2018-10-09)
Preview release
LicenseProprietary software
Filename extensions.e
Major implementations
E Programming Language

Easy Programming Language (EPL, Chinese: 易语言) is a visual compiled multilingual[1]proprietary programming language. EPL is somewhat popular in China because it features a full Chinese environment. (The language has traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English and Japanese variants.)

In addition, it is cross-platform, as it currently supports both Microsoft Windows and Linux. It is object-oriented and structured.[2]

Programming examples

Hello world program:

调试输出("Hello, world!")

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