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DeveloperIBM Cambridge Scientific Center (CSC)
OS familyCP/CMS
Working stateHistoric
Marketing targetIBM mainframe computers
Available inEnglish
PlatformsIBM System/360-67
Default user interfaceCommand-line interface
Preceded byIBM CP-40
Succeeded byIBM CP-370 / VM/370

CP-67 was the control program portion of CP/CMS, a virtual machine operating system developed for the IBM System/360-67 by IBM's Cambridge Scientific Center. It was a reimplementation of their earlier research system CP-40, which ran on a one-off customized S/360-40. CP-67 was later reimplemented (again) as CP-370, which IBM released as VM/370 in 1972, when virtual memory was added to the System/370 series. Details on the development and circumstances of CP-67 can be found in the article History of CP/CMS.

Family tree

> IBM M44/44X
>> CP-40/CMS → CP[-67]/CMS  → VM/370 → VM/SE versions → VM/SP versions → VM/XA versions → VM/ESA → z/VM
> TSS/360
> TSO for MVT → for OS/VS2 → for MVS → ... → for z/OS
>> MULTICS and most other time-sharing platforms

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