Sleepycat License

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Sleepycat License
PublisherSleepycat Software
SPDX identifierSleepycat
Debian FSG compatibleYes[1]
FSF approvedYes[2]
OSI approvedYes[3]
GPL compatibleYes[2]

The Sleepycat License (sometimes referred to as Berkeley Database License or the Sleepycat Public License) is a copyleft free software license used by Oracle Corporation for the open-source editions of Berkeley DB, Berkeley DB Java Edition and Berkeley DB XML embedded database products older than version 6.0.20. (Starting with version 6.0.20, the open-source editions are instead licensed under the GNU AGPL v3.)

The license is named after its original publisher Sleepycat Software, Inc., a company that was merged into Oracle in 2006.

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