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DeveloperPurism (company) and community contributors
OS familyLinux (based on Debian)
Working stateCurrent
Source modelOpen source
Latest releasePureOS 9.0 / 26 September 2019; 20 months ago (2019-09-26)[1]
Repository Edit this at Wikidata
Kernel typeLinux kernel
Default user interfaceGNOME
LicenseFree software licenses
(mainly GPL)
Official websitepureos.net

PureOS is a Linux distribution focusing on privacy and security, using the GNOME desktop environment.[2][3][4] It is maintained by Purism for use in the company's Librem laptop computers as well as the Librem 5 smartphone.[5][6]

PureOS is designed to include only free/libre and open-source software (FOSS/FLOSS), and is included in the list of Free Linux distributions published by the Free Software Foundation.[7][8]

PureOS is a Debian-based Linux distribution, merging open-source software packages from the Debian “testing” main archive using a rolling release model[needs update].[9] The default web browser in PureOS is called PureBrowser, a variant of GNOME Web focusing on privacy.[10] The default search engine in PureBrowser is DuckDuckGo.

The mobile interface of PureOS, Phosh, the GNOME mobile shell, developed by Purism and GNOME (2018-05)[11]

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