Phoenix Object Basic

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Phoenix Object Basic is an object-oriented rapid application development tool for Linux. It has object-oriented features such as inheritance and polymorphism as found in languages such as Python and Perl. It also features a similar design environment and compatible syntax to Visual Basic reducing the learning curve for those making a transition from that language to Linux programming. Phoenix includes a full implementation of the BASIC programming language. It was released for download in 2001 and the Linux package is at version 1.5 beta 6 (released October 2004), it also requires the distribution of a small number of runtime library files with complied applications.

Phoenix Object Basic is a proprietary tool for cross-platform Linux and Windows application development.

Key attributes:

  • No longer being actively developed
  • Rapid Application Development for Windows and Linux
  • Short learning curve for VB developers
  • Object-oriented
  • Small executables, Fast execution
  • Cross platform
  • Released as an RPM

The Phoenix source code is not available because it contains proprietary third party components. Phoenix is free of charge and freely distributable.

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