Norcroft C compiler

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Norcroft C compiler
Original author(s)Codemist Limited
LicenceProprietary commercial software

The Norcroft C compiler (also referred to as the Norcroft compiler suite) in computing is a portable set of C/C++ programming tools written by Codemist, available for a wide range of processor architectures.[1]

Norcroft C was developed by Codemist, established in November 1987[2] by a group of academics from the University of Cambridge and University of Bath;[3][4]Arthur Norman, Alan Mycroft and John Fitch. Development took place from at least 1985;[5][6] the company was dissolved in May 2016.[2] The name Norcroft is derived from the original authors' surnames.[7]

Supported architectures

Acorn C/C++

Acorn C/C++ was released for the RISC OS operating system, developed in collaboration with Acorn Computers.[1][8]

INMOS Transputer C Compiler

This compiler for the INMOS Transputer was developed in collaboration with Perihelion Software.[8]

Cambridge Consultants XAP

This compiler for Cambridge Consultants' XAP processor is another Norcroft compiler.[8]


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