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Developer(s)Xamarin / Microsoft
Stable release
3.13 / April 6, 2018; 3 years ago (2018-04-06)
Written inC
TypeModule for the Apache HTTP Server
LicenseApache License 2.0

mod_mono is a module for the Apache HTTP Server that allows for hosting of ASP.NET pages and other assemblies on multiple platforms by use of the Mono development platform.[1]

A similar module called mod_aspdotnet by another group allows hosting of ASP.NET pages and other assemblies with the Microsoft .NET Framework but because of that dependency, will only function on Microsoft Windows platforms.

The source code is written in the C programming language. It is licensed under Apache License 2.0 and hosted on GitHub.[2]

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  2. ^ "GitHub - mono/mod_mono: Apache module to host the XSP ASP.NET host" – via GitHub.

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