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mod_lisp is an extension module for the Apache HTTP Server. It enables Apache to interface with application servers[1] written in Lisp, making it possible to dynamically generate web pages and provide web applications with Lisp programs.[2]

Unlike other mod_* projects, such as mod_perl and mod_python, mod_lisp does not embed a Lisp interpreter in Apache. In concept it is closer to FastCGI, handling requests by serializing them into a textual representation and sending that over a socket to a persistent Lisp program, and then sending the Lisp system's response to a client.[3] The client may be a web browser, but is more likely to be a reverse proxy server. It is this server that interacts with the user's browser.

The source (FreeBSD style license), lisp examples and pre-compiled binaries for FreeBSD, Linux and Win32 are available on the mod_lisp web site.[4]


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