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Jeroo is a cross-platform educational tool for learning object oriented programming concepts. In particular, the program helps learning concepts such as objects, methods and basic control structures.[1] Jeroo supports three syntactic styles: Java/C#/Javascript, Python, and Visual Basic.

The program features a GUI split in two sub-windows. In the first sub-window, the user can type code to be executed in the Jeroo environment. In the second sub-window, the user can see the effects of their code in a graphical environment. The second sub-window shows an island populated by Jeroos. The user can instruct the Jeroos, via programming in the first sub-window, to accomplish various actions such as moving, eating or picking up flowers.

The tool received a NEEDS "Premier Award Winner Associate Editor's Choice" in 2004.[2]

Jeroo uses many different methods to engage its students such as storytelling and animating execution. The program has been looked at as a very useful and efficient tool to develop experience and knowledge in Computer Programming. There have also been many Computer Science competitions involving the Jeroo program and its features.


A Jeroo can do a few of things such as:

Action Code Extra info
hop hop(n); When n is an integer greater than 0, this moves the Jeroo n spaces forward.
pick pick(); Picks a flower from the Jeroo's location.
plant plant(); Plants a flower at the Jeroo's location.
turn turn(); This can turn the Jeroo left or right. turn(LEFT); or turn(RIGHT);
toss toss(); This makes the Jeroo toss a flower to the space in front of it, disabling a net.
give give(); This makes a Jeroo hand off a flower to another Jeroo. The “giver” must face the recipient, but the receiver may face any direction.

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