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Browser synchronization (often simply called sync) is a free cloud service provided by a web browser vendor for sharing settings and data across multiple installs. This is typically used to maintain a consistent browser setup on multiple devices. The user must be logged-in to their account to sync a browser.


These are the items synchronized for browsers that provide this service. One notable exception is Chromium builds can no longer use Google Chrome sync.[1][2]

Browser Bookmarks Browsing history Passwords Form entries Other items
Google Chrome[3] Yes Yes Yes Yes Google services, apps, extensions, themes, reading list, open tabs, addresses, phone numbers, payment methods
Microsoft Edge[4] Yes Yes Yes Yes settings, personal info, open tabs, extensions, collections
Firefox[5] Yes Yes Yes Yes open tabs, credit cards, add-ons, web feeds
Opera[6] Yes Yes Yes No IPA link, personal bar, speed dial, notes, search engines, content blocker list


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