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Basilisk Web Browser Logo.png
Developer(s)M.C. Straver[1]
Moonchild Productions[2]
Stable release(s) [±]
2021.04.27 (27 April 2021; 49 days ago (2021-04-27)[3]) [±]
Written inC++, C, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, XML User Interface Language
EnginesGoanna, SpiderMonkey
Operating systemWindows 7 or later, Linux (unofficial build for macOS[4])
PlatformIA-32, x86-64
TypeWeb browser
News aggregator
LicenseMozilla Public License, version 2.0 Edit this on Wikidata

Basilisk is an open-source web browser created by the developer of the Pale Moon browser.[5][6] There are releases for Microsoft Windows and Linux,[7] and an unofficial build for macOS.[4]

First released in 2017,[5] Basilisk is a perpetual beta intended to refine the UXP codebase it is built from.[8][9] Pale Moon and other applications are also built from this codebase.[10]

Like Pale Moon, Basilisk is a fork of Firefox with substantial divergence.[11] Basilisk has the user interface of the Firefox version 29–56 era (unlike Pale Moon, which has the Firefox 4–28 interface).

For add-ons, Basilisk has roughly similar support as Pale Moon for XUL/XPCOM extensions[12] and NPAPI plugins, all of which are no longer supported in Firefox. Basilisk also had experimental support for current Firefox WebExtensions, but this was removed in February 2019.[13]

Unlike Pale Moon, Basilisk has limited support for Widevine DRM[14][15] and WebRTC.[16]


List of releases
Key:   Old,   Latest
Release history
Version Significant changes
2017-11-12 first public version
2017-11-30 Several security and bug fixes. Accessibility and Parental Control features were enabled
2017-12-03 a Linux-only version
2017-12-28 Toolkit Error Console was restored and enabled. Disabled certain Mozilla services. Enabled the use of Firefox Sync
2018-01-05 Disable automatic form filling of login credentials. Several security and bug fixes
2018-02-02 mitigated Meltdown/Spectre hazards
2018-02-14 Removed B2G and Rust code. Several security and bug fixes
2018-03-21 maintenance release
2018-04-24 first version of Basilisk based on UXP (take 2)
2018-04-26 Fixed regressions brought as a result of the new base. Disabled TLS 1.3 support because of instability problems
2018-04-27 security and bug fixes
2018-05-15 security and bug fixes
2018-06-01 security and bug fixes
2018-07-18 security and bug fixes
2018-09-05 enabled TLS 1.3 support
2018-09-27 security and bug fixes
2018-11-04 AV1 support for WebM videos introduced
2018-11-07 fixed a regression
2018-12-18 AV1 support for MP4 containers introduced. Removed support for VR hardware and Firefox Sync. The default sync client now uses Pale Moon Sync
2019-02-11 Removed WebExtension support. Improved spec compliance
2019-03-08 security and bug fixes
2019-03-27 security and bug fixes
2019-06-08 Removed all Firefox Accounts code and replaced the Sync client for compatibility. Removed unused code
2019-09-03 Added support for gzip-compressed SVG-in-OpenType fonts. Added support for Matroska media containers and AAC audio
2019-09-12 security and bug fixes
2019-10-31 security and bug fixes
2020-01-12 security and bug fixes
2020-02-07 small bugfix and compatibility
2020.02.18 security and bug fixes
2020.03.04 major development update
2020.03.11 small bugfix and compatibility
2020.04.15 major development update
2020.04.17 small bugfix and compatibility
2020.05.08 development and security update
2020.06.10 development and security update
2020.08.05 development, bugfix and security update
2020.09.11 compatibility, bugfix and security update
2020.10.05 standard development update
2020.10.28/29 standard development and bugfix update
2020.11.25 development and security update
2021.01.05 development and security update
2021.02.06 development, bugfix and security update
2021.03.11 development, bugfix and security update
2021.03.17 bugfix update
2021.04.27 development, bugfix and security update


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